10 injured in Detroit bus crash

At least 10 people were injured after a bus crashed into a car on Wednesday morning on the west side of Detroit.

According to a witness who saw the bus accident, the car tried to beat the bus after running a stop sign. The bus crashed into the car, after which both the bus and car ended up on lawns, causing the bus to hit a tree. The woman who was driving the car and was bleeding was seen by another witness walking away from the accident area but later returning. All the injured persons inside the bus, along with the female driver of the car, were rushed to a local hospital, where all injuries were classified as non-threatening.

A homeowner who lives near the site of the accident said accidents are frequent in that particular area.

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Crash injures 6 people

Six people were injured in a vehicular accident that happened in northwest Detroit at night on Sunday, March 10.

According to investigators who responded to the scene of the accident, the crash occurred when one car ran through a stop sign near the intersection of Gilchrist and Puritan. The five people inside the other car, including all three children, sustained minor injuries, while the driver of the vehicle that ran the stop sign suffered more severe injuries, according to reports.

In later investigations of the accident, concerns were raised due to a gas meter that had been hit by one of the vehicles involved in the accident. However, authorities determined that the gas meter was unaffected and did not pose a problem.

In the days immediately following the accident police were still working on determining if alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash.

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