Class Action Suits

If a large number of people are harmed in the same manner, they might choose to pursue legal action collectively rather than individually. This joint lawsuit is called a class action lawsuit, and offers a number of advantages over traditional court proceedings. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a defective product, harmful medication, or negligent company, it is likely that others have been harmed as well in a similar manner. If so, you may consider pursing joint legal action against the party responsible for your injuries and losses.

Joint Legal Action

Class action suits are sometimes advantageous to file over individual suits because:

  • They allow each plaintiff to receive the same amount of compensation, rather that varying between cases.
  • They resolve the case in an efficient manner.
  • They make the pursuit of legal action for smaller wrongs an economically-feasible option.

However, class action lawsuits are also particularly difficult to file because of organizational and technical difficulties. Before a class action lawsuit can be filed, the injured group must first gain permission from the court to fuse each of their individual cases into a large single suit. The process of gaining approval is, unfortunately, difficult and time consuming, involving a large effort of planning and organization.

Additionally, courts are hesitant to grant permission for class action suits because it is unlikely that each victim faced the same injuries and damages to the same extent. Therefore, it is difficult to represent the group as a cohesive whole.

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