Reasons to Follow Speed Limits

Posted speed limits are set at specific speeds for good reason. When people ignore these, they are not only breaking the law, they are putting themselves and other motorists at risk for devastating high-speed collisions. Failure to heed posted speed limits has many consequences that people do not ordinarily consider as well.

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Benefits of Driving Speed Limit

There are many benefits to maintaining your driving speed at the posted legal speed limit. In addition to having more time to react to changes on the road, an improved ability to handle a vehicle, and better brake response, following the speed limit can actually have further beneficial effects. For example, posted speed limits are typically within the range in which automobiles burn fuel most efficiently.

The speed limit also suggests important information regarding the surroundings of the particular stretch of roadway. Roads with lower speed limits are more likely to have pedestrians or children playing. Driving too fast may not afford you enough time to react to a child who suddenly runs into the street. Additionally, speed limits are take into account the contour and course of the road and reflect a speed that is perceived to be safe for handling turns, climbs, or descents.

Regrettably, many people are hurt each year as a direct consequence of others’ disregard for the authority and validity of speed limits. The victims of speeding accidents may be able to recover financial compensation through a civil lawsuit and should speak with an attorney about their legal rights and options.

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