Surgical Errors

When you undergo surgery, you have many legitimate concerns without having to worry about possible surgical complications that may arise due to medical mistakes. However, a study published by the Institute of Medicine showed that between 45,000 and 98,000 Americans suffer from some type of surgical error each year. This costs the government an estimated $37.6 billion annually.

Sadly, though, the cost of a surgical error can be much more than financial. If you suffer from a surgical error, you can be physically as well as mentally damaged from these egregious mistakes. To help you fight for the compensation that you deserve for your pain, contact a Detroit medical malpractice attorney from Ravid & Associates, P.C. today at (866) 644-6587.

Common Types of Surgery Mistakes

Surgery errors are completely preventable if the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in charge of your case act with care and caution. However, when they fail in this duty to you and your wellbeing, it can result in the following errors:

  • Wrong site surgery
  • Wrong surgery for your condition
  • Misuse of medical tools
  • Instruments left in the body after surgery
  • Post-operation infection or other complications

Mistakes like these can have severe consequences for patients, ranging from the cost of additional treatment to disability or even fatal complications.

Reasons for Surgical Errors

Although surgical errors are completely unacceptable, surgeons and other medical professionals cite several reasons for these mistakes:

  • Tiredness
  • Inexperience
  • Communication errors
  • Equipment failure

While these may be factors in surgical errors, they are not excuses. A doctor who fails to meet the standards of the medical field should be held accountable for the damage he or she causes.

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Healthcare professionals undergo years of education and training to perform and to help operations. Thus, they are fully equipped to take care of you without making mistakes. However, sometimes they fail in this duty to you. If you have been injured due to surgical errors, you should contact a Detroit medical malpractice lawyer from Ravid & Associates, P.C., at (866) 644-6587 today to discuss your case. nike air max weiß damen nike air max weiß damen nike air max weiß damen