Study: Chronic pain increases between age 25 and 60

A recent study done on the number of Americans that suffer from chronic neck or back pain and one-third of Americans in their 50s have stated that they do.

The study showed that a similar number of Americans report about chronic knee and leg pain. Data shows that chronic pain conditions increase the most between 25 and 60. After this, the pain only increases slightly if at all.

This data was collected by surveying more than 353,000 adults that are 18 or older. Researchers asked people to state whether they had back, neck, knee or leg pain sometime within the past 12 months.

In 2011, nearly 31 percent of Americans stated that they suffer from reoccurring neck and back pain, 26 percent stated that they suffered from knee or leg pain and 18 percent suffered from another type of reoccurring pain.

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