Michigan company issued four citations after accident

New information has been released about a fatal construction accident that occurred in Michigan in the summer after a trench collapsed.

The accident occurred on September 29 when a 58-year-old man was working for an excavating company and the eight foot trench he was working in collapsed on top of him. He was buried up to his neck and was pronounced dead on the scene.

Inspectors from Michigan’s Occupational Safety and Health Division have  issued four serious citations against C. Johnson and Son Excavating. The company was cited for not properly supporting the trench, not having inspections done on the site, and because the worker was not wearing the appropriate injury prevention gear.

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Man killed in scaffolding collapse at Michigan airport

A scaffolding collapse at at Michigan airport left one man dead. The accident occurred right before the new year at Pellston Regional Airport.

A 61-year-old man was killed in the accident when he and several other workers were trapped underneath the collapsed scaffolding wall and concrete blocks.

The workers were constructing a concrete wall when the scaffolding went down. Officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are going to conduct a full investigation into the accident.

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Charges filed in death of worker on University campus

Criminal charges have been filed against a masonry company after the death of a worker in a construction accident on the University of Michigan campus.

The company, Davenport Masonry, has been criminally charged with violating the Occupational Safety and Health Act  in Michigan.

The worker was killed in February 2008 after stepping backward on an unguarded scaffold and falling 40 feet to the ground. The man was killed on impact. The company has been charged for allegedly not having a hazard-free workplace, which resulted in the death of the man.

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Construction company recieves safety award

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration has awarded the Clark Construction Company an award for outstanding safety.

The company has gone more than nine years without a lost time accident. The award was given to the CEO of the company at MIOSHA’s annual meeting. The CEO said that it was an honor to be recognized as a leader in safety and that he is happy to spread the message that having a safe workplace is a great business decision.

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