Girl dies after routine wisdom tooth surgery

A 17-year-old Maryland girl passed away after a routine wisdom tooth surgery and now her parents are suing the oral surgeon and anesthesiologist claiming they acted negligently during the procedure.

The teenager underwent surgery to remove her wisdom teeth on March 28 and due to complications during the surgery, died 10 days later. While she was under anesthesia her heart rate as well as her blood oxygen level decreased dramatically and the oral surgeon and anesthesiologist failed to take the necessary steps to improve those dropping numbers.

Her parents believe that if the doctors would have paid more attention to emergency signs during the surgery, their daughter would still be with them today. They hope that their dental malpractice lawsuit sheds light on the dangers of the dental industry.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the victim’s friends and family during this difficult time. pandora anillos pandora anillos pandora anillos