Man’s family files wrongful death suit against nursing home

The family of former Detroit restaurant owner Kerfoot Lewis has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home where he passed his final months.

Lewis was a resident of the Henry Ford Village Nursing Home in Dearborn. In April, his family was called in to the home where they found him in pain with a large bruise on his arm and contusions on his wrists. The family took him to a hospital, where it was discovered that his hematoma was the result of a broken arm.

nursing home neglect deathThis raised a lot of questions among Lewis’ many children, some of whom are well known in Detroit, including his son, Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis, and daughter Krista Conyers. Lewis, aged 90, was bedridden, so how could he have broken his arm without outside interference? Lewis never fully recovered from his arm injury and died two months later.

Nursing home abuse occurs at shockingly high rates in the United States. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has found that as many as 21% of nursing home residents suffered some form of neglect within the last year. Conyers entrusted Lewis’ care to the center, who promised to give him ample attention. Finding him in pain with a broken arm was a betrayal of her trust and is indicative that he may have been neglected.

After months of seeking answers to their concerns about the circumstances surrounding their father’s death, the Lewis family has had enough. They have filed a wrongful death lawsuit because the nursing home would not furnish them with any records or verbal information about how it treated Lewis.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is not easy, especially with the frustrating understanding that the loss should never have occurred. We hope that Lewis’ family can find closure despite the trying circumstances of his death. nike air max 1 nike air max 1 nike air max 1

Nurses found negligent in nursing home case

A Michigan family has been awarded $4.85 million in a nursing home abuse suit after the death of their family member in 2002. The man died of an morphine overdose while receiving physical therapy at a local nursing home.

A three-week trial ended with the jury finding that the nurses and doctors were negligent in the death of the 76-year-old man by being responsible for the overdose in administering morphine to the patient.

The man was in the home for physical therapy for a non displaced hip fracture. Officials said that the nurses and doctors did not have proper documentation of when the morphine was administered to the man.

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