What are IUDs and why are people filing lawsuits about them?

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are an increasingly popular contraceptive. An IUD is a small, T-shaped bit of plastic that is inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. While some forms of the device release hormones to help accomplish this end, IUDs primarily block sperm from reaching an egg cell. One IUD can last a woman anywhere between five and 12 years.

IUD lawsuitMirena IUDs received FDA approval to be used for birth control in 2000. Since then, it has also been approved as a means to treat heavy menstrual bleeding for women.

However, their great popularity does not necessarily mean intrauterine devices are safe. Many women have filed lawsuits alleging that their Mirena IUDs have caused them injuries. These lawsuits often assert that the devices can perforate the uterus, causing immense pain and other complications.

The manufacturer of Mirena IUDs, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, is no stranger to controversy. In 2009, the company received a warning from the FDA about overstated or false claims made about its pharmaceutical product. These claims included insinuations that using an IUD can improve a woman’s sex life.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that their products are safe for use and are legally required to only make claims that are objectively true in their marketing. If you have been injured by a pharmaceutical product, you may be able to hold its maker accountable. Contact the personal injury lawyers of Ravid & Associates, P.C., at 866-644-6587 to learn more about your legal options. air max 90 air max 90 air max 90

Detroit wrestler Scott Steiner files lawsuit against TNA

Scott Carl Rechsteiner, better known by his professional wrestling name, Scott Steiner, has filed a lawsuit against wrestling promoter Total Nonstop Action Wrestling after sustaining injuries in the ring at the hands of his opponent at a live event in Mount Pleasant.

personal injuryThe 24-year wrestling veteran’s suit claims that his opponent, Jeff Hardy, was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during their match. Steiner asserts he suffered injuries including nerve damage to his neck and back as a result of Hardy’s alleged inebriation. He also sustained an injury to his biceps, which are a major component of his claim to fame.

The lawsuit contends that Hardy should not have been allowed to wrestle in the condition he was in and that the wrestling organization put Rechsteiner’s health in jeopardy by allowing Hardy to perform while intoxicated. The suit, filed earlier this week, seeks a total of $750,000 in damages.

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NBA star undergoes surgery for herniated disc

Dwight Howard, a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association, is recovering well after undergoing surgery for a herniated disc in his back.

The Orlando Magic forward, who has been deemed an All-Star, suffered from a herniated disc in his lower back due to playing basketball. This injury forces Howard to be sidelined for the rest of the season as well as the summer Olympics.

He had arthroscopic surgery for his herniated disc, and he is hopeful to complete the recovery phase in a four-month time frame. He believes that he will make a full return to the game and that his back injury will not be an issue in the next NBA season.

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Hundreds attend Detroit MLK Day march

Yesterday, hundreds of people appeared at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School to participate in Detroit’s Martin Luther King Day march.

The 3rd annual march is sponsored by Detroit Public Schools.  Both students and adults were in attendance to celebrate the legacy of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Inside the school, volunteers registered students turning 18-years old before the November presidential election to vote.

Some of the event attendees noted that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a special connection to the city of Detroit.  The first reading of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech was given at Cobo Hall in Detroit in 1963.  In addition, every year, King gave a sermon at Central United Methodist Church in Detroit.

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Holiday events in Michigan help many causes

Several recent holiday events in Michigan not only focused on celebrating the holidays, but also giving back to the community and those in need.

For example, last week, the Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo hosted an event to light their Tree of Love.  The tree has been a tradition at the hospital for 25 years.  People were able to make a donation and sponsor a light on the tree to recognize loved ones.  The proceeds of the event are used to fund breast cancer screenings for women who do not have health insurance.

Also last week, local marines and police officers hosted the 10th annual Shop with a Hero event.  The event pairs a law enforcement officer or marine with a kid and together they go shopping for the holidays.

Lastly, the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit is promoting a campaign called “12 Days of Catmas.”  The campaign encourages Michigan residents to consider animal adoption during the holidays.  In cold weather months, the Human Society find the most homeless animals.

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