Lansing motorcycle pothole accident lawsuit allowed to continue

The Michigan court of appeals has allowed a Lansing man’s lawsuit to continue by after it was initially dismissed by a judge for having slightly wrong information.

The man was hurt when he was thrown off of his motorcycle after hitting a dangerous pothole that caused him to lose control of the bike. The pothole was in the westbound lane, but the man’s lawsuit mistakenly said the hole was in the eastbound lane. This inaccuracy allowed the judge to completely dismiss the case.

roadway defect motorcycle accidentThe appeals court ruled 2-1 against this decision, however, asserting that the mistake should not ruin the man’s case. The dissenting judge holds that the law requires exact locations of roadway defects in these kinds of claims. In many cases, the services of a personal injury attorney can help reduce the chances that you will make a similar mistake that will put a long delay on your case, or have it thrown out entirely.

The roadway defect is the responsibility of the city to have fixed. When left unfixed, a defective roadway, can lead to motorcycle accidents and injuries that could have otherwise been prevented. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own, a personal injury lawyer can help you hold the responsible party accountable for its negligent actions while minimizing the small clerical errors that can have your case thrown out. michael kors rebajas michael kors rebajas michael kors rebajas