Amtrak Train Derails in Southwestern Michigan

Federal officials with the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating Amtrak train derailment that occurred in southwestern Michigan over the weekend. Investigators have announced that the train was traveling on the wrong tracks when the incident occurred.

The train  was on the wrong path when a reversed switch occurred and caused the train to go into the railyard. The train was traveling from Chicago to Pontiac when the incident occurred and caused two locomotives as well as one coach to derail off of the tracks.

The derailment occurred just near the Indiana border and caused the injury of dozens of passengers on board. The train stopped just 21 feet from a ballast hopper car that was on the tracks.  There were 174 people on board at the time of the collision and this included passengers and crew members.

The investigation into the collision is still underway at this time and is being conducting by NTSB along with other police officials. Amtrak has been cooperating with the entire investigation. No further details have been given on the extent of  the injuries suffered by passengers on board.

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