I-10 Car Accident in Texas Involves Over 100 Vehicles

On Thanksgiving Day, a massive car accident in Texas left two people dead, and upwards of 80 people with injuries. The car accident took place on Interstate 10 near Beaumont.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, one man and one woman lost their lives in the large pileup after their vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer. The accident unfolded around 8:45 a.m., and the cause of the accident was determined to be severe weather conditions. Thick fog caused drivers to lose visibility while traveling on the busy highway. Due to the intensity of the fog, local authorities and officials were unaware of the extent of the accident until they arrived at the scene.

Approximately 140 vehicles were involved in the accident, which largely unfolded on the eastbound side of the highway. Nearly 90 individuals sustained injuries in the car accidents, and were transported to numerous different hospitals in the areas to be treated. The injuries that were reported ranged from minor to critical.

Drivers and passengers that were involved in the accident, but did not sustain any injuries, were aiding paramedics as best they could in regards to helping other people involved in the large accident. As a result of the fatal pileup, the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 were closed for close to eight hours in order to remove wreckage from the roadways. air max 95 air max 95 air max 95

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