Parents blame Four Loko for death of son

The parents of a 15-year-old Virginia teen have filed a wrongful death lawsuit after their son became paranoid and was struck by  a vehicle after drinking the potent alcoholic beverage, Four Loko.

The parents have sued the makers of the drink, Phusion Projects, for their son’s death. They claim that the drink is marketed to young people by using bright colors and fruity flavors that help to mask the effects of the alcohol.

The drink is approximately equivalent to five beers and a Starbucks coffee. The teen’s parents claim that their son did not know how the beverage would affect him. The product has since been banned in many states and the makers of the beverage have changed the recipe after it was blamed in cases of alcohol poisoning.

In this case, the 15-year-old boy purchased two beverages from a convenient store and drank them before a concert. He was then kicked out of the concert for being intoxicated and his mother came to pick him up. While driving home, he became paranoid and jumped out of the car. He was then struck by an SUV and died one day later.

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