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Boating is a popular American pastime, especially during the warm summer months. Many families enjoy spending time at the lake to swim, water ski, wakeboard, sail, or fish. While most people are cautious and responsible on the water, there are those who seem to disregard the rules and put others in danger. Mixing alcohol with boating is one of the most hazardous problems on the lake today because it greatly increases the likelihood of a serious boating accident.

Because of their size and weight, uncontrolled boats are capable of causing severe injuries or even fatalities in a crash. Our Detroit BWI accident lawyers have experience representing boating accident victims in personal injury cases and will fight on your behalf to bring negligent boaters to justice. Contact Ravid & Associates, P.C. today at (866) 644-6587 to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Boating and Drinking

Because boats move freely about a body of water without lanes, traffic lights, or warning signs, boat operators must always be paying close attention to their surroundings. They must watch for other watercraft nearby and be prepared to make a sudden change in direction or speed if necessary. Boaters who drink alcohol while at the wheel have a reduced sense of awareness and slower reflexes, which make it much more likely for a boating accident to occur. When a boater is careless or doesn’t react in time to an upcoming danger, he or she may cause a harmful and possibly deadly crash.

How We Can Help

When traveling at high speeds, a boating accident can happen in a split second. A drunken boater could hit an unsuspecting family without warning, causing serious injuries and damages that lead to thousands of dollars in accident costs. Our Detroit boating accident lawyers have experience representing victims of boating crashes and we will fight to hold the drunken boater accountable. By initiating a personal injury lawsuit, your family may be able to recover compensation for all of your boat crash-related costs and begin to move on from your accident.

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