Detroit Day Care Center Negligence Lawyer

As it becomes increasingly necessary for families to maintain multiple streams of income to support a household, day care centers offer a much needed service. Day care center employees have a responsibility to keep the children entrusted to their care safe from any danger. When a child is hurt at a day care center, it may be the result of the day care center’s negligence.

It is a horrible shock to learn that your child was hurt, especially while they were not under your supervision. If your child was hurt at his or her childcare center, the Detroit day care center negligence lawyers of Ravid & Associates, P.C., may be able to help you hold them accountable through legal action. Contact us by calling (866) 644-6587 to learn more about your legal options.

Examples of Negligence

Daycare centers have a wide variety of responsibilities. Their primary obligation, however, is to offer children a safe and supervised environment while their parents attend to other duties. Unfortunately, negligent personnel or insufficiently safe policies and procedures can endanger the welfare of these children. The following are representative examples of daycare center negligence:

  • Feeding children spoiled food
  • Letting children near allergens
  • Lapses in supervision resulting in falls or other injuries
  • Allowing children access to choking hazards
  • Utilizing untrained volunteers or hiring inexperienced employees

Children are prone to get themselves into situations where they might hurt themselves. It is a daycare center’s responsibility to ensure that they do not. When a childcare facility neglects its duties, they breach your trust. In the unfortunate event that this has happened to you, you will need an attorney who can help you to seek appropriate compensation.

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