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Before undergoing a medical procedure, every patient has the right to know the details of the procedure and the risks involved. Any adult individual who is judged to be of sound mind can then use this information to give his or her informed consent to have the medical treatment performed. When a doctor performs any type of treatment without first obtaining informed consent from the patient, he or she may be held liable for damages.

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What is Informed Consent?

There are many issues that a patient must be aware of before he or she can give informed consent. Blindly signing a consent form before a procedure does not qualify as informed consent, because the patient is not truly informed of the details and risks of the operation. In order for a patient to properly give informed consent, the patient must be informed of his or her medical condition, the procedure to be performed and its purpose, any risks involved, expected recovery time, alternative treatment options, and other important information. A patient can then choose to provide informed consent by signing the legal forms provided.

Lack of Informed Consent as Battery

Performing any medical procedure without the patient’s consent is a serious offense. In fact, under U.S. law, treating a patient without his or her consent, switching procedures without consent, or switching doctors without consent may all qualify as battery. Battery is the act of making physical contact with another person without his or her consent. Even if the victim is not harmed, the act of unwarranted contact is itself an offense. Any patient who has undergone treatment that he or she did not consent to has the right to sue for medical malpractice.

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