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If you have lost a loved one during a medical procedure or operation, you likely have many more questions than answers. While operations are never without risk, sometimes doctors and other medical professionals create unnecessary risks because of negligence or carelessness.

At Ravid & Associates, P.C., our Detroit wrongful death attorneys are committed to helping families that have lost a loved one due to malpractice. We have the legal knowledge and experience to help you aggressively pursue the compensation your family is owed as you attempt to move forward. Contact us today at (866) 644-6587 for more information.

Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice

In many cases, medical deaths are mysterious. The medical staff may initially try to convince your family that your loved one’s death was unavoidable and that the treatment or operation was performed without error. While this is sometimes true, in other cases you may not be getting the full story.

A number of medical errors can lead to wrongful death, from misdiagnosis to surgical malpractice. If you suspect that your loved one’s death was caused by a medical mistake, it is important that you consult with a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.

How We Can Help

It is impossible to successfully bring a case of malpractice against a medical institution or a doctor without sufficient evidence. Our Detroit medical malpractice lawyers understand what it takes to prove wrongful death, and we work with medical experts to determine who is responsible in a suspected malpractice case. We work diligently to gather all of the evidence necessary so that those guilty of malpractice are held legally accountable for their actions.

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When families lose loved ones to medical malpractice, they are left not only with the emotional tragedy of their loss, but with financial hardship as well. Families may be facing steep medical bills, lost income, and funeral costs that threaten to overwhelm them. Our lawyers are ready to help your family recover the financial compensation that you deserve. To learn more, contact the Detroit wrongful death lawyers of Ravid & Associates, P.C., today at (866) 644-6587. canada goose schweiz canada goose schweiz canada goose schweiz