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Safety gates are a crucial security feature for any train crossing. The flashing lights and lowering arms of a safety gate alert drivers that a train is approaching the intersection so that they stop at a safe distance from the crossing. When safety gates are missing or do not work properly, however, an unsuspecting motorist could be at risk of being involved in a severe train accident.

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The Dangers of Missing Train Safety Gates

Missing or malfunctioning safety gates can create a major road hazard for anyone near a train crossing. Without safety gates, a driver may not be alerted of an oncoming train in time and may not know to stop before the crossing. Unlike lights and warning bells, safety gates physically prevent a driver from entering a train crossing when it is unsafe. They are therefore an important feature for protecting motorists from the danger of a train collision.

A malfunctioning safety gate can be even more dangerous than a missing one. Drivers approaching train crossings take their cues from the lights and gates at the intersection, and if they do not see the gate arms dropping they trust that the way is clear. When a safety gate malfunctions and fails to properly signal drivers or block traffic, drivers may find themselves trapped in front of an oncoming train.

How We Can Help

A train accident can leave you and your loved ones not only with severe injuries, but also with major financial burdens. You may be struggling with medical bills, lost income from time off of work, recovery costs, and other accident-related costs. Our Detroit train accident lawyers are committed to helping your pursue your train accident case so that you recover the compensation that you need.

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