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One of the keys to staying safe on the road is to be aware of all of the other vehicles around you at all times. While many drivers are aware of this and are well practiced at checking their blind spots for other vehicles, some drivers have larger blind spots than others and may not be as vigilant about checking them. Commercial trucks, for example, have very large blind spots called no-zones. When a truck driver is not aware that another vehicle is in the no-zone, he or she may unintentionally hit the other vehicle and cause an accident.

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What are No-Zones?

No-zones are large areas around a semi-trailer truck or other large vehicle that a truck driver cannot see using the truck’s mirrors. No-zones extend out from all sides of a truck. If a passenger vehicle is located directly in front of a truck, behind a truck, or to the side between the cab and the end of the trailer, the truck driver likely cannot see it. A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot see a truck driver in the truck’s mirrors, he or she cannot see you.

No-Zone Accident Liability

Motorists must take care when driving around large trucks and avoid driving in a truck’s no-zone whenever possible. However, truck drivers also have a responsibility to check their no-zones and to signal well in advance so that other motorists can maneuver out of the way. When a trucker makes a sudden lane change or other change in direction or speed without first checking his or her no-zones, he or she may be liable for hitting another vehicle.

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