Red Sox pitcher believes surgical error led to emergency surgery

This month, Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Bobby Jenks told reporters that he believes a surgical error made during his spinal decompression procedure in December led to his emergency surgery, only 18 days after the first surgery. Officials with the baseball team are looking into the possibility of a surgical error.

Jenks was scheduled for a spinal decompression surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. Plans were for surgeons to only remove the top two of the pitcher’s bone spurs on his spine. He had a total of four bone spurs. The surgery went well, but afterwards, Jenks suffered from severe pain and headaches. Also, fluid was leaking from his incision.

18 days after the operation, Jenks decided to go to the doctor to address his post-surgical complications. He was informed that surgeons had started to remove one of the bone spurs on his spine that was not supposed to be removed. As a result, a partial incision on the bone spur sent spinal fluid leaking out. The fluid had caused an infection in his incision that required emergency surgery to treat.

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