Woman underwent surgery for cancer, then told she was misdiagnosed

In 2006, a woman was told by a pathologist at a small hospital in Michigan that she had early signs of breast cancer that was found in a biopsy.

After this was found, the woman underwent surgery and she had a golf-ball size chunk removed from her breast. Now, her new doctor is telling her that her pathologist made a mistake and that the woman never had the disease.

This means that the surgery, radiation and fear of having cancer were all for no reason. The woman believed that the biopsy was 100 percent correct and never doubted it.

After an examination of breast cancer, it has been shown that determining whether a cluster of cells is malignant or benign can be very difficult. The federal government is now researching breast pathologies based on a report that stated that 17 percent of needle biopsies may be misdiagnosed.

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