Workers’ comp claimant denied extension because of Facebook pics

A man who was injured while working for an appliance retailer was recently denied an extension of benefits because of some pictures of himself that were posted online.  The worker had a hernia about 3 years ago because a refrigerator fell on top of him at work.  After the accident, he was awarded workers’ compensation and compensation for medical bills stemming from the work-related injury.

The workers’ compensation claimant sought an extension to his benefits in an Arkansas district court, arguing that his injury still made him suffer “excruciating pain,” but evidence that his employer presented led the court to deny an extension.  Photos of the injured worker  partying that were posted on MySpace and Facebook were used by the defendants to prove that the claimant was no longer injured.

Unhappy with the court’s decision, the claimant appealed his case to an appeals court in Arkansas.  The appellate court upheld the trial court’s hearing, accepting the pictures of the worker partying as sufficient proof that his hernia was no longer a problem.

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